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We think there's more to a website than information and snazzy graphics. Should it offer relevant search results right away? Naturally. Should it be appealing and accessible? Of course. Easy to maintain? Obviously.  When designed strategically, all the components should combine into an integrated tool that works toward your organization's objectives.

Luckily, "strategic design" is our middle name. Here's what that means.  Let's take a pencil and begin writing requirements for our shiny new website. Here's where we make a plan that reflects optimal content strategy, information architecture, and workflow. 

Let's define your audiences, both internal and external.

Who's using the site tp view, search, edit, contribute? Customers, content contributors, administrators?

Let's define your goals and your message.

What do you want people to take from your page? What should they learn? What should they do?

Let's choose the best tool to make it happen.

Is a CMS (content management system) the best choice? What outside tools (like Yelp, Twitter, or Etsy) can help you?

Let's prioritize based on your goals.

  • Find development partners who share your vision - designers, builders, content writers.
  • Set expectations around the results.
  • Communicate. Rinse and repeat.  
At the end of this phase we'll put together wireframes reflecting existing and proposed:
  • content strategy
  • information architecture
  • workflows

Great minds think... sometimes alike.

Here are some thoughts we like: