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Fibonacci Web Studio Values


When we were starting the company we took a day to go outside, talk about our values, write down our thoughts.   When in doubt, we read these, and it helps us to make decisions that are right for our team. 



The Fibonacci team is committed first and foremost to a shared value of respect. We work to ensure respect for our clients, our users, each other, and ourselves. We assume good intentions from all parties and work to ensure a process and a product that respects everyone’s autonomy, time, ability, security, and happiness. This extends to our pricing model: we want to be fairly compensated for our work, and for clients to get a good value for their money. We also apply this to our internal compensation: respecting our team’s needs for food, safety, and shelter, we strive for fair compensation.


We are committed to the long-term. We want to build products that are sustainable for our clients: this means building in documentation and continuous improvement plans. We also want the work to be sustainable for our team: this means flexibility in terms of hours and schedule, adopting a learning mindset so we can keep up-to-date with new technologies, and following work that makes us feel fulfilled, with pay that is fair and sustainable. We also want open source to be sustainable, which is why we invest in community and going further together.


We believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered. We work to empower our clients, with training, documentation, and support, to know how their products work and what is possible to create together. We empower users to find what they need through thoughtful information architecture, and to take the actions they desire through user-friendly UX and UI. We empower our colleagues and collaborators through forthright communication: we let the team know what we’re doing or planning, and we encourage asking if there is any doubt. We leave space for uncertainty and push-back, and empower our team in believing that “No” and “I don’t know” are still good answers.


We believe in finding enjoyment in our work. We want to do meaningful work, with people who are doing interesting things. We strive not just to meet expectations, but to create digital experiences that bring our clients and end-users joy. Joy can come from beautiful design, interesting content, frictionless processes, and compelling site strategy. We find joy in a feeling of accomplishment, in creating a successful product that helps someone else live, work, or think better.


We believe that we are responsible for the work we put out into the world. We are responsible to others: we’re responsible for spending our clients’ money wisely, for building the product that they want. We’re responsible to ensure that our products are accessible and usable for end users. We’re responsible to each other: we work hard to make each others’ jobs and lives better and easier. We’re also responsible to ourselves: to learn and grow and be proud of the work we are creating.