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Growing list of websites that we migrated to Backdrop

April 23, 2024

Why did these teams selected to migrate to BackdropCMS?  Because this CMS that combines power of Drupal with efficiency of Wordpress also can meet their budget.

  • Direct upgrade from Drupal 7, not rebuild, thus preserving existing features of the site without major work
  • Stakeholders were already trained in administration and would just need to learn about the improvements to what they know rather than a brand new system.
  • Cost-effective upgrade process, theming and configuration.

“We have a fiduciary duty to our university. We take stewardship of funds and resources seriously. With Backdrop on Pantheon, we were able to save nearly half a million dollars!"

-Zach Chandler, Director, Research  IT and Innovation at Stanford University

Join the Migration Movement

February 12, 2024

Ambitious Projects with Constrained Budgets: That is our daily job.

Drupal 7, a trusted and reliable CMS, is reaching its end-of-life on January 5, 2025. While it's served us well, it's time to embrace the future and explore new possibilities. As we prepare to bid farewell to the beloved version, Drupal 7 still supports over 350,000 sites.

Backdrop CMS is becoming mainstream

January 23, 2024

More agencies are discovering Backdrop CMS - power of Drupal combined with simplicity of WordPress.

We've been so impressed with the thoughtfulness and leadership the Backdrop community has put into easing this transition for organizations. It's the whole reason we're making a big push to endorse Backdrop, and why we truly appreciate you reaching out.

I'm hoping to stop by Backdrop Live this year.

-Daniel Heath

D7 Soft Landing Initiative: Sharpening migration tools, part 2

January 7, 2024

Last year we spent time on sharpening audit tools - audit is the first step of any migration.  This year BackdropCMS community released a new version of the D2B module. Take advantage of our automated migration tool for a fraction of the agency price. Check out our demo and get in touch for more details.

Link to module Video currently does not have audio or subtitles.