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Nota Bene

Assignment Calculator for all - power of open source

October 1, 2021

On October 4 Irina presented - a time management tool for use with assignments.  The Assignment Calculator is an online tool that breaks down various projects into a series of manageable steps (each with a separate due date) and builds your personalized schedule based on due dates that you enter. Each step includes hints and "how-to" links and can be added to Google calendar. it has public version and Stanford version

Migrations, migrations

September 29, 2021

Here is experiment of this week 

Getting ready for D7 end of life brings lots of new tools to play with, such as 

  • devPanel for AWS 
  • VC-code extension for Pantheon
  • GitPod and Drupalpod for testing modules for Drupal

More joy to come!

Cloud IDE is CMS for coders

August 6, 2021

My journey for bulding best web tools for research and academia is taking new turn - I am presenting at DevOps summit at DrupalCamp Colorado.  How did I get here?  I found that CloudIDE is doing for coders what CMS did for content managers.  Now I can invest time that I had to spend on setting local IDE for D9 (OS versions, PHP versions, db versions, composer, other tools) into testing new features for modules that I need for site building.  

Stanford Web Camp 2021 - 12th camp

April 29, 2021

StanfordWebCamp2021 Team.png

Since 2010 Stanford WebCamp is a three-day event for community and by community to discuss the ins and outs of building websites and research tools.

There are many reasons to attend Stanford WebCamp, but in particular, we tailor our camp to both an on- and off-campus community. We have specific tracks and sessions geared to Stanford community members. We will also have a lot of sessions for beginners as well as advanced sessions.  

Notes from the Camp