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Nota Bene

Highlights from Stanford Web Camp

May 18, 2019

Opening Remarks

We started Stanford Drupal camp 10 years ago inspired by Drupal community and BADCamp. Lots of changes happened during these ten years in technology and in society, This year Stanford Drupal Camp becomes Stanford Web Camp. We are "All things web" and are happy to see you here. WordPressers, react.js fans, users of tools like Squarespace or any other website builders and editors are welcome. Come share lessons, connect and learn. We are very excited to increase the inclusivity of our camp and bring all our web friends into the fold. This camp is by community and for community and we hope to keep it for years to come!

New at Stanford

  • Wordpress Redwood Theme
  • Stanford Domains
  • Drupal 8 @ Stanford


Drupal Midcamp Presentations

March 18, 2019

Our presentations


Visual illusions - St. Gertrude Old Church, Riga

October 30, 2018

Last week I was in SF MOMA looking at  "Where Euclid Walked" by René Magritte (1955). Today I saw this photo of my one of the churches in my home town.


October 29, 2018

This year I had an honor to present at BADCamp and talk about development of Feeds_Migrate module. I am very grateful to James Dixon, Youri van Koppen and Lucas Hedding who put a lot of work to make demo for this presentation possible in a very short timeframe.


Here are some notes that came out of the presentation

  • It is important to have issues/tasks small and well defined so a developer can grab one issue, work on it and submit a patch.
  • Migration that we are defining in Migrate module contains "pre-coded" data source, and therefore it can have button "execute"  If these migrations will have button Edit, more work needs to be done to make sure that we will not break migrations defined in .yml files
  • Migrations that are defined via Feeds_Migrate module do not have data source, therefore the CANNOT have button Execute. I propose that we have a special migraiton group called "Feeds Migration Mappers" and do not have button "Execute" on feeds in this interface.  Logical url for such group would be /admin/structure/migrate/feeds_mappers and it is great to have this tab as seen on page
  • Feeds Mappers are used in Feed Importers and have buttons Import(execute), rollback, etc.  I think that terminology Mappers and Importers are very good names.  We might call them feed mappers, migration mappers, or just mappers, or feed migraiton mappers :)

Looking forward to doing more with this module.