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DrupalCon 2021 - Program Committee

February 17, 2021

This year Fibonacci web studio is contributing time to DrupalCon2021 Program Committee




Great Articles about Feeds and Migrations - new and old

November 10, 2020

From Evolving Web

Thanks you, Kevin Porras, for putting together these great articles!

From Avdomatic

DrupalCon Global (July 14-17) and New Demo for Feeds_migrate

July 23, 2020

I joined DrupalCon Minneapolis Org Committee in pre-COVID times. In August 2019 I met fantastic team, wrote evaluations for over 100 sessions submitted to UX track, participated in heated discussions explaining why we select our "one session to present" (my favorite was selected for finalist :). It was great experience. 

Little we knew then that this will be first DrupalCon of new COVID era. Today DrupalCon Global 2020 sessions playlist is released for this online event:

Here is my session with Youri van Koopen on UI for migrate module.

Supporting Clients through the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

July 15, 2020

We all know that 2020 has thrown at us some unexpected challenges. For our clients in higher ed and research, web-based communication has been an essential tool over the past six months. While they work on the front lines responding to the crisis, we are right there behind them, providing technical support and strategy every step of the way.

How to do it right

Set clear expectations. In a time of crisis and uncertainty, it is critical to let your clients know what they can expect from you. Knowing your response time, the flexibility of the site, the ability to roll back changes, and the timeline of implementation can go a long way to making a client feel comfortable, and allowing them to communicate out effectively to their stakeholders. We work on this in normal times, so that when the difficult situations arise, our clients know exactly how they can count on us.

Build in redundancy. Fibonacci Web Studio is a small team, and we often have an individual who is responsible for overall support and knowledge on a project. However, no individual can be an island. This is especially true in today's world. We never know what might happen tomorrow, and making sure the full team is ready to support a client when needed is critical for ensuring continuity, and time off for our team.

Be sustainable. While it is tempting in the midst of the crisis to make a one-off fix or feature for a site, what we've learned in the past several months is that no crisis is truly one-off. The tools we built in March to allow our content owners to communicate effectively in a time of constant change are still being used today. Luckily, we have sustainability as one of our company values, so we worked hard to ensure these tools were helpful long-term.

Prioritize. In addition to building sustainable tools, we need to ensure we're working sustainably. This means preventing burn out for our team. When new, important, and urgent projects come in, it is important to re-prioritize. You can't do everything today, but you still might be able to do everything this week if you thoughtfully plan for change.

Be agile. Ah, change! If you're not ready for it, your clients won't be able to turn to you in times of crisis. Ensuring that you're able to develop iteratively will allow you to get something up now, while you continue to improve that throughout the time it's needed.

Be responsibile. We believe that we are responsible for the work we put out into the world. This means that we are constantly thinking about accessibility and usability. It also means that we're prioritizing projects that align with our values: supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, supporting our community's mental and physical health, and thoughtfully taking on long-term projects that address big issues while we make sure that short-term crises are managed compassionately.


New 2020 Websites

CA Perinatal Programs

The California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative and the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative worked together to develop resources for maternal and infant health during the time of COVID-19. To support them in getting this information to as many people who need it as possible, we quickly developed a new website and trained them to update the material quickly as it changes.

Visit the site

Virtual Well-Being

Our clients in Student Affairs at Stanford immediately saw the need to support students' mental health in the era of COVID-19. We supported them in creating a site of virtual resources for health and well-being while away from campus.

Visit the site

Re-Approaching Stanford

As Stanford approaches a new and unique school year, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education needed a central website to share information and updates with students. Enter Re-Approaching Stanford, which was created in collaboration with these departments and students to get folks the information they truly need for the upcoming year.

Visit the site

Black Lives Matter

After the heart-breaking murder of George Floyd, Stanford organized a virtual vigil for black lives. We were asked to create a place where folks could access the vigil as well as resources and letters of support from across campus. We were honored to support the team in such important work.

Visit the site