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Student Affairs: Support and Refresh


Fibonacci Web Studio has worked with Student Affairs at Stanford over the course of many years and many projects. This department has around ~30 websites, most of which are student-facing. 

This past year, we supported those sites, while also bringing a refresh to some very important and highly visible projects. We worked with the Counseling and Psychological Services team to give them a design refresh alongside promoting their new intake model, which is critical to getting students the mental health support they need. We also worked with the Weiland Health Center to build them a site with all the Student Affairs branding guidelines met, while also giving them a unique look and feel to help them promote mental health and wellness across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations.

While many of our projects with Student Affairs are student-facing, we also work on projects that empower and support the staff who work so hard for student life on campus. One big project this year was the Red Folder, which is a resource for staff who are working with students in distress. This important document came to us as a printable PDF, and we were tasked with turning it into an accessible, mobile and user friendly, and easily searchable website.

Also to support staff this year, we embarked on re-vamping the intranet for student affairs staff. This project exemplified our iterative approach to continuous improvement: the intranet is currently in its 3rd iteration of "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP), while we work towards a blue sky vision for staff resources. Rome was not built in a day!

Vice Provost of Student Affairs, Stanford University