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Stanford Webcamp


In 2024 we had our 15th Stanford WebCamp.  15 years is a lot of history in WWW space.  The camp started in 2010 as a Drupal Camp in Stanford Law School with two people organizing it.  In 2020 we changed the name of the camp to be WebCamp as we were hosting various techonogy and communication sessions - "All Things Web "

First website was built on design4drupal distribution, for several years  2015-2018 site was hosted on Drupal 7 platform.  In 2019 we started with new D8 instance, and in 2022 Stanford Online sponsored new site built on BackdropCMS with Stanford Decanter theme developed by Fibonacci Web Studio.

The term “eating your own dogfood,” in the software industry, means using the code you’re developing for your own daily needs: basically, being a user as well as a developer, so the user empathy that is the hallmark of good software comes automatically. - Definition from Joel Spolsky, since 2004.

Stanford Open Source Lab