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Stanford Faculty websites


One of the privileges of working in higher education is getting to support faculty. We get to learn a little something new every time we work with a new professor, or reconnect with someone we've worked with before: their research is always changing!

We've worked with too many amazing professors to count. We couldn't possibly include everyone here, so here's just a sampling of recently completed websites.



Stanford Sites platform

Getting to peek behind the curtain and learn about these professor's research is a joy (one of our core values, by the way!). Working on these websites allows us to support these faculty in finding collaborators, sharing their research, and showcasing their unique contribution to academia. 

Our goal is to give them deeply usable administrative experiences and clean and compelling presentation of content. To let them focus on what they do best: contribute to the ongoing development of knowledge in their field of expertise. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You did very nice work and set a new standard here. You are very nice to work with.

You kept to your timeline, knew what [he] wanted and even improved on his asks with expert knowledge. Honestly, it was the best customer service, and execution.  It could not have gone better!