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Stanford Center for International Development


Once upon a time... As some writer once tweeted, all good websites are alike...  Wait, did we get that wrong? 

Maybe we're not remembering exactly right, but the truth is that sometimes you really do have one of those fairy-tale stories: somebody asks you for a website, you make a website, they like it, you like it, and everybody goes home happy and on time and beats the traffic on 101. This was one such story. 

All research centers need good websites. It's the easiest way to share their findings—findings that otherwise might get buried in some library archive where students, colleagues, and the organizations that sponsored them have trouble getting to them. Organization and accessibility are key, as is ease of use from the admin side. Staff and researchers at the center should be able to do their work and post their content without thinking about the HTML.

We want to help people concentrate on what they do best. That's why we concentrate on what we do best. And that's how we get the happy story every now and then.
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