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Political Science Platform for Registered Questions


In a software world if a user finds a bug in a program and reports it to a developer, both benefit—user gets credit for finding an issue, developer gets free testing and improved software.  The Platform for Registered Questions website is an attempt to bring this model to the world of political science and economics.  

The new website  provides a platform to ask questions and raise concerns about published research findings. Today, doing so often involves great effort, has little reward, and can introduce negative personal consequences for both critics and those whose work they are critiquing. These costs dissuade many potential critics from articulating concerns about published research. The JDF helps address these concerns via an initially anonymous system for disputing research findings that allows Critics to announce the discovery of flaws in published research.

The existence of a potentially public, verified record of the exchange between Critic and Author(s) is expected to facilitate productive communication.

Stanford Graduate School of Business