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Mills Legal Clinic Application and Matching Portal


Matching is a very common process used in academia for classes, clinics, summer trips, etc.  We built several Drupal-based applications, and decided to create a stand-alone module for this process. In this session we will talk about how our module implements solutions to a Stable Marriage Problem.

The system will walk you through steps to apply to the clinics of your choice, and then rank the clinic-quarters to which you have applied. After the system closes to students, it will open to clinic faculty and instructors, who will review all of the applications to their clinics, and rank the applicants to each clinic-quarter in order of priority to enroll.  Instructors do not see student rankings.  Once instructor rankings are complete, the system will automatically match each student to the clinic-quarter of the student’s highest ranking to which the student was admitted.

Presentation slides

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