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Diversity Works


Stanford is a university that values the rich perspectives, skills, and ideas people from varied backgrounds the community. Diversity Works is a website that highlights that core value, bringing together profiles of people from across campus and compiling news, research, and events advancing diversity and inclusion at Stanford.

At a very large university like Stanford, it can be hard to know what's happening across campus. There are so many resources and exciting events, but they can be hard to find. This website is a one-stop shop for everything Diversity and Inclusion on campus, so people can find what they want... and what they need.


One of our favorite parts of this website is the resource directory. Faculty, students, and staff are all served by this directory, which pulls together all kinds of resources: from service opportunities to community centers, reports and data to academic programs.



We actually built this site twice--once in Drupal 7 and once in Drupal 9. When we planned the migration, we asked the question we always do: "Is your site still serving you?" In this case, the answer was a resounding YES! All the functionality we had built, to pull in information from across campus, to display profiles in a compelling way to highlight the individuals doing great work on campus, and to help people find the resources they needed was doing its job. So we brought it into Drupal 9, with a slight look and feel refresh, to allow the group to continue doing great work in 2023 and beyond. 

Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education