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Data Migrations and Imports


We care a lot about sustainability. We are committed to the long-term. We want to build products that are sustainable for our clients: this means building in documentation and continuous improvement plans. We also want the work to be sustainable for our team: this means flexibility in terms of hours and schedule, adopting a learning mindset so we can keep up-to-date with new technologies, and following work that makes us feel fulfilled, with pay that is fair and sustainable. We also want open source to be sustainable, which is why we invest in community and going further together.

A big part of sustainability is thoughtfully handling data through migrations and imports. This year, we did two major migration projects: one with Stanford School of Earth and one with the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

When you work through a migration project, you are dealing with the technical problem of two technologies: the old and the new. You are also dealing with the content: what needs to come into the future of your organization, what can go away, and what is missing. Handling these two missions in parallel is the best way we know of ensuring that you enter the next phase of your growth with everything you need, and nothing holding you back. 

Stanford: School of Earth, Graduate School of Education