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Musings on Evolving Open Source and Drupal

Open Source License was introduced in 1998. At that time software was either proprietary (EULA) or free (GNU). New type of licensing based on Open Source definition (OSD) enabled development of the tech world the way we know it now - most successful operating systems and applications are based on open source software. We all know that Open Source is great, but we rarely look into the underlying principles of OSD and how they impact the economics of tech industry. Since 1998 world has changed drastically - do these principles still work two decades later?

People to share their perspectives on what is working well for contributors and users of Drupal, and what are new challenges for maintaining balance between contributing to the project and being rewarded in various ways. What motivates current module maintainers to port to D9? How can we attract new talents? How do we support the spirit of this community, keeping the line “Come for the code, stay for community” alive?

By Jacob Rockowitz

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By Bilgin Ibryam

By Matt Glaman

Business and licenses topics

Notes from the session