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Growing list of websites that we migrated to Backdrop

Why did these teams selected to migrate to BackdropCMS?  Because this CMS that combines power of Drupal with efficiency of Wordpress also can meet their budget.

  • Direct upgrade from Drupal 7, not rebuild, thus preserving existing features of the site without major work
  • Stakeholders were already trained in administration and would just need to learn about the improvements to what they know rather than a brand new system.
  • Cost-effective upgrade process, theming and configuration.

“We have a fiduciary duty to our university. We take stewardship of funds and resources seriously. With Backdrop on Pantheon, we were able to save nearly half a million dollars!"

-Zach Chandler, Director, Research  IT and Innovation at Stanford University

Stanford Webcamp

Stanford Law School

  • ACUS - D7 upgrade
  • Trials Advocacy Workshop


  • Team Formation Hub

Graduate School of Education 

  • Six sites upgraded from D7


  • Mapping Militants data visualization project