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Backdrop CMS is becoming mainstream

More agencies are discovering Backdrop CMS - power of Drupal combined with simplicity of WordPress.

> You're welcome to use that quote! And yes, please go ahead to attribute it to me and use our company name. We think this platform should get more love and we're happy to help spread the word!

Many of our clients come to us because they are working with a complicated web of custom modules (that's often the reason why they're on D7 in the first place--and/or why they're not already off of it). We're finding that the bulk of our work is occurring on modules that would never have a port we could download automatically - but it's great to know this tool exists.

We've been so impressed with the thoughtfulness and leadership the Backdrop community has put into easing this transition for organizations. It's the whole reason we're making a big push to endorse Backdrop, and why we truly appreciate you reaching out.

I'm hoping to stop by Backdrop Live this year.

-Daniel Heath