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Our Projects


All research centers need good websites. It's the easiest way to share their findings—findings that otherwise might get buried in some library archive where students, colleagues, and the organizations that sponsored them have trouble getting to them.


Development, Visual Design | Research Center Website
For Stanford Law School
Data Import, UX | Course Management
For Vice Provost of Student Affairs, Stanford University
Migration | Research Center Website

This project took complex data and created a clean, organized, and published listing, accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection—so any person in the world can see what adjudication looks like in the U.S.

Data Import, Development, Research, D3, data visualization | Legal Research
For National Science Foundation (NSF)
Development, Migration, Strategy, Visual Design | Research Center Website, Science
Visual Design, Development | Productivity App, Science
Continuous Development, Strategy, Visual Design, Migration | Productivity App, Science
For Office of Student Affairs (in collaboration with Stanford Web Services)
Training, Strategy, Site Building | Research Center Website
For Stanford Law School
Development, Data Import, D3, Vizualizations | Legal Research
For California Academy of Sciences
Content Manager UX | Productivity App
For Stanford Graduate School of Business